I Advocate, Navigate, Negotiate and Communicate for You…

  • Because of my unique background in marketing, design and technology, I personally and skillfully advocate, mediate, negotiate and communicate for your advantage.
  • I personally, not by assistant or associate… I personally go where needed to represent your best interest. Whether it is meeting with appraisers, or City or County departments, or inspectors or repair or home improvement tradespeople.
  • I am a hard-nosed negotiator. My sales statistics show it: I sell my listings at or above asking price most often, and I help Buyers acquire property at their offer price or with seller concessions most often.
  • I present your property uniquely. Your property presentation is my method, crafted with experience, and it is comprehensive and powerful.
  • I personally supervise and create the messaging and its distribution from start to finish. Not only
    high tech, but high touch.

    • Staging
    • Art & Garden
    • Video & Photography
    • Property Website
    • Syndication Industry-wide
    • Regional, National and Global, and on Social Media
    • My Own Personal Luxury Agent and Geographic Referral Networks