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A Honey of a Bee Story

One Year After The Firestorm As fate would have it, it took a dedicated team of Architect, Builder, Permit Liaison, and owner exactly one full year to finally receive a building permit to rebuild our home lost to the October 8, 2017 fire. While that is frustrating, gratifying, and maybe surprising, there was another lovely miracle (besides our beloved cat Jimmy Topaz rising from the ashes after 6 days). We had a bee rescue! There was still a robust hive of honey bees in one of the Oak Trees that stood nearest our house. We had known of the hive
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The Fires- Fast Forward

They say the flames traveled 200 feet per second. I saw, I worried, called 9-1-1, hurried to gather keys and phone and laptop, turn cars around, and run to neighbors. Across our lane, our daughter kicked through a corral fence and cut wires to free the miniature mule and goats. She pushed a dog into the car. All were not saved. They say the wind gusted over 70 miles per hour. A steady slap of sand turned everyone sideways as we prayed it would somehow stop. Soon enough fire was on three sides of us, and we drove into the
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